Some times ago I met the impeccable and back then very fashionable KP.

Our friendship began with a seductive wink. Our meetings became very frequent: we met to discuss philosophy, the importance of critical thinking, literature, abstraction and political action. Yet, The closer I was getting to KP, the shady KP’s image was becoming. What at first glance was a charming gaze turns into the artful grin of a monstrous creature, like Scylla, the beautiful Naiad, who was transformed into an ugly four-eyes and seven-tails monster by Circe, the witch. Dazed and confused by the discovery, I invoked L. and asked the following question: What can words, grammar relationships, sound, sense and rhythm do and how do they generate a knowledge of the world which is not dictated by the imperative of knowledge production?  As I spelled out the question, a vowel emerged from a arrowy blank corner and with rounded voice said: Frankly? I don’t know what you are talking about!
But I have a better question: Do you think I will ever be able to get to dance instead of this incessant rolling?
I didn’t have an answer. So, I impulsively asked: ‘Do you have time for a chat and a coffee?’ Not sure she got the point, but the O totted towards the arrowy corner and came back with a group of noisy friends. I was plenty of questions.  So, I invited them at the kabinett for a session.
Rhythms, Voices and Ties is performative reading series organised by Federica Bueti. Bringing together visual artists, poets and literary writers, it present performative readings as way of thinking about language (written and spoken), storytelling, errant motion, imaginaries, gender politics, social criticism. With Olivia Dunbar, Patricia Reed, Ruth Buchanan, Michael Bears and Jeremiah Day, Alex Martinis Roe, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Natalie Czech, Jan Verwoert, Benjamin Seror. Hosted by Archive Kabinett and Chiara Figone, 2013-14.