April 2018, SAVVY/Archive Kabinett, Berlin 
Poetics of Refusal (1): 'The quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives' 

What if Audre Lorde has already offered us a basis for thinking the answer to the question, If there were such a things as a feminist poem, today, where would it come from? What human site evaluates impression protected from the structured/structuring processes of subjectivity? Whether such a site exists or not, What forms might writing take when the writer concerns herself with scrutiny of her experience – the conditions of her life and work – to insist upon vital, unbound womanhood? How does and might the writer prepare her language for the demands of such scrutiny, so that the feminist poem might emerge as other than being as one is?

Together, we consider how to find/know examples (citational relations and practices as preparation), the examples (reading for light, pulse, vibration in writers such as Audre Lorde, Juliana Spahr, Khadijah Queen, Leslie Scalapino), exercises and strategies for organizing a personal field of language.

The workshop took place within the framework of  WE WHO ARE NOT THE SAME, a research project which looks at and challenges decolonial intersectional feminist practices and politics.