︎ Selected essays and art criticism

In the Darkness of the Night at Sea, in “Oracular Visions,” edited by the students of the MA in Curating, Dep. of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University, (2020)

The Out of the Rooted. On Emma Howes, (K Verlag,2019)

Imminent Movement.Commissioned and published by Sharjah Art Foundation, (2019).

The Unruly Quotidian. Commissioned by Louise Hobson, Grand Union, Birmingham, 2019). 

Touching Across Time. In Agnieszka Polska’s The Demon Brain. With contributions of Norah N. Khan, Margarida Mendez, Matteo Pasquinelli, Gabriel Quandt. (Koenig,2019).

Telluric Movements / Dream Sequences. On Pedro Gomez-Egaña (2019).

Voices, Birds, Stone Tools. On the work of Agniezska Polska (April 2019). 

Spills: Retrospective Reflections and Contaminated Afterthoughts. Commissioned by PZI MA Fine Arts, (Rotterdam, 2018).

It Will Make No Fetish of Self. Or Rather, It Will Seek a Multiplicity of Forms. On the work of Kitty Kamp, (2018).

In the Borderland. Notes on Biho Ryu’s Letters from the Netherworld. (Bethanien, 2018).

Erotics as Power: On the Work of Julie Favreau. (2018).

Lose yourself (There is Life in the Breaks). With Anne Boyer, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Eduard Glissant, the junkmanofAfrica, Fred Moten, Simone Weil. In Madison Bycroft Afternoon in Medias Res. With contributions by Hélène Cixous, Marika Kandelaki, Sabrina Soyer, Inigo Bocken,
Mary Wichmann, Sofia Stevi, Joel White, Kate Briggs, Hamza Elayyan, Eimear Walshe, Ask Kilmartin and Anni Poulakka. (CAC Brétigny, 2018).

Informal Feminisms (co-written with Jan Verwoert), in Carla. Contemporary Art Review, L.A. (2016)

Lying Freely and The Weather. On Ruth Buchanan’s writing in Three Letter Words magazine (2015).

︎ Reviews and interviews

The Construction of the Possible: Havana Bienal Ocula, (April 2019).
Beatriz González at KW in Spike art quarterly #58, (February 2019).
Beyond the Thunderdome: 10th Berlin Biennale. In Spike (June 2018). Arthur Jafa at Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin. In Ocula (May 2018).
Dak’Art Biennale 2018: The Red Hour in Ocula, (June 2018).
Qalandiya International IV: Solidarity in Ocula, (October 2018).

Katarina Zdjelar – Not a Pillar not a Pile (Tanz für Dore Hoyer), in Mousse magazine, (2018).
documenta 14 Kassel in Ocula, (June 2017).
How Naïve can we really afford to be? Venice Biennale 2017, in Spike (May 2017).

Polyphonic Worlds: Contour’s Biennale, in Ocula, April 2017)

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