A zine commissioned by the American Academy in Rome on the occasion of the exhibition THE BUFFER ZONE  curated by Cecilia Canziani and Lexi Eberspacher. National cultural institutions aim at representing a threshold between cultures but often become a place of representation of national identity. Focusing on collaboration, process-based work-group activities, and workshops, The Buffer Zone invites the artists and the public to consider the American Academy as a context rather than a location and to collaboratively consider a different relationship between the institution and the communities.

The buffer zone featured works by Emily Bates, Anna Biagetti, Carola Bonfili, Gabriella Ciancimino, Ra Di Martino, Ettore Favini, Stefania Galegati, David Humphrey, Marie Lorenz, Domenico Mangano, Jacopo Miliani, Matthew Monteith, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Alessandro Sarra, Cindy Smith, Luca Vitone, Jeffrey S. Williams, and a Cineforum by Hisham M. Bizri, a specially commissioned fanzine less/express by Federica Bueti with contributions from con Maria Thereza Alves, Riccardo Benassi, Claire Fontaine, Nikolaus Hirsch, Invernomuto, Denis Isaia, Christian Philipp Mueller, Liam Gillick, Hans Op de Beek, Adrian Paci, Marko Stamenkovic, Tris Vonna Michell, Laboratorio Curatorial 060 and the programme Buffering sounds, curated by Radio Papesse including sound works by Martin Bedard, Ann Hepperman Kara Ohler & Jason Cady, Davide Tidoni, James Webb.

Editor: Federica Bueti
Graphic design: Riccardo Benassi
  Less/express was also exhibited at the closing event of The Building, the e-flux space in Berlin, Germany. @less/express2008